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Witt Wittmann retired in 2006 from thirty years of teaching English. She is now the editor for a small publisher, the poetry director for SplashHall Poetry Community Boards, and co-editor for Rollin' Thunder Poetry Blog. She is an accomplished artist and an award-winning writer. Her art of tatting, a form of lace, is exhibited at the South Carolina Artisan Center as well as The Pickens County Museum. She has been published in the International Old Lacers magazine, The Bulletin, in addition to having two books published: TatWitt: What I Learned When I Learned to Tat (Union County Writers Press, 2002) and Musing at La Poulaille (D-N P, 2003). Wittmann illustrated the books The Prince with the Golden Hair by Irene Honeycutt (D-N P, 2006) and The Last Hurrah by Robert W. Hinson (D-N P, 2005). Now that she has retired, Wittmann can devote her time to the things that she loves best: art and writing, not to mention gardening and chickens.


Poetry is like a flower garden. No two a re alike. Some are formal and pristine; others are wild with abandon. Take for exa...

Famous Poems by Witt Wittmann

You can find poems like A New Broom, Cold, between the poems of Witt Wittmann.

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